No better time to clear the air!

Dated: February 26 2021

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Even our own homes can fall victim to air pollution right under our noses, here are some tips that will keep you and your home healthy and when it’s time to call on remediation. 


One of the biggest surprises to homeowners when selling-buying homes is the discovery of  MOLD, RADON and/or Carbon Monoxide. Although unsettling to learn that either or all these unwanted guests are present it’s something not to dismiss.


Use this time of year to your advantage, look around your home as it's sealed up during the next few months putting your home to the test from the attic to the basement 


MOLD: Evaluate leaks, clean gutters, and deterring rainwater and snowmelt away from foundations minimizing dampness is the key to preventing mold. Homes that have high humidity — should invest in humidifiers. Mold thrives on moisture and it will make its way through your home without you knowing it. Mold remediation requires a few extra steps- first, you’ll need to find the cause of the mold and fix it immediately,  call on a certified mold specialist to remediate and remove the mold and have the area retested by an independent company to ensure it’s been eradicated. 

RADON: The Hudson Valley is no stranger to radon gas, many homes in the area already have mitigation systems installed and are a fairly easy installation to reduce the level of radon gas that causes lung cancer. Radon gas goes undetectable in our homes as it’s odorless, and a simple test can be done to measure radon levels. 

Carbon Monoxide: Install CO detectors immediately if you don’t already have them in your home. CO leaks are more common during the winter as we are utilizing more indoor household-fueled appliances and heating elements such as water heaters, gas fireplaces, and boilers.  

Simple steps to stay healthy and safe while putting our homes to the test…Call me if you have any questions regarding your home and any real estate questions. 

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