The Perks of Downsizing... Or When Less is More!

Dated: December 29 2019

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Small, Medium and Large Homes on clothes line.

Selling your home in order to downsize is a process that can be financially and emotionally beneficial, but only if you’re ready. How do you know downsizing is right for you? When you decide that less living space would be more manageable. A smaller home, condo, townhouse or apartment can mean a reduction in heating, cooling and overall maintenance costs, as well as property taxes.  A smaller home and less property to maintain can mean freeing up valuable time and resources.

 If you’ve been thinking about downsizing, here are some things to consider:


  • Smaller homes reduce your carbon footprint. They require less energy to heat and cool than larger homes. Energy efficiency means lower energy bills. 


  • By downsizing you’ll save time and money on cleaning, repairs, outdoor upkeep, carrying costs and more. By reducing daily chores and maintenance, you can find more time to spend with friends and family and enjoying leisure activities. You may decide to travel - and even become a snowbird!


  • You may consider a more accessible floor plan that makes everyday living easier and/or a community that offers amenities that you enjoy, but won’t need to tend to, such as a Community pool, lake, tennis courts, walking trails, playgrounds, recreational parks and grounds. 


  • Think location and less driving.   One of the perks of downsizing is you can pick a location that will complement your lifestyle. Whether renting or buying, look for a home that speaks to your needs, whether it’s walking trails or proximity to restaurants and shops. 


  • Thinking of downsizing?  Don’t get overwhelmed.  Surround yourself with people who support your decision and remind yourself of the 

personal reasons you’re selling. 


  • Downsizing also means simplifying. It’s about uncluttering your space, your finances and your life. Organizing & streamlining will help you find tranquility and peace of mind. 


 If you are thinking of downsizing, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and put together a plan that won’t overwhelm you. I can provide you with invaluable resources to help you make that next step...whenever you’re ready. 

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